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How Windscreen Damage Will Cause You to Fail MOT

How Windscreen Damage Will Cause You to Fail MOT

London Car Windscreen is the premiere repair company for car glass repair in London. We handle everything from tiny chips and scratches to broken seals and complete windscreen replacements. If you are dealing with problems with water ingress or any other car glass concerns, we can help. We are committed to ensuring our metro area customers are safe in their cars and on the road. We have put together a simple guide on why windscreen damage affects your ability to pass your MOT.

What Damage to Your Windscreen Will Result in MOT Failure?

Windscreens go through a lot on a daily basis. They have to deal with good and bad weather, dirt, high winds, and even road debris striking the surface. All of this abuse can eventually lead to damage. Of course, any damage on your windscreen should be repaired as soon as possible. Not only is it important to keep you and other drivers safe, but lingering damage can cause your car to fail the MOT.

The following types of windscreen damage will cause a vehicle to fail the MOT, which means you will not be able to drive until it is repaired.

  • Deep chips
  • Scratches on certain parts of the windscreen
  • Windscreen cracks

Chips and scratches are a normal part of the wear and tear of a windscreen. MOT inspections do not expect everyone to have brand new windscreens each time they appear for approval. There are guidelines regarding the acceptable range of damage for each type of issue.

Any damage that is within 30 cm of a driver’s direct front line of view will cause an MOT failure. Damage further away or not in the driver’s line of vision may still allow the car to pass MOT. Damage outside of the line of view, specifically outside of that 30 cm must be of a certain size to trigger failure. Any damage that is 10mm and in the line of view will also cause an MOT failure. Damage outside of the driver’s direct line of view has a 40mm threshold before MOT failure is triggered.

Repairing Your Windscreen

It is best to repair your windscreen as soon as the damage occurs or as soon as you notice there is damage to the glass. Cracks and chips are two types of damage that should never have their repair delayed. Damage to your windscreen can mean a loss of structural integrity in the glass. This can result in more damage or even a total break.

Hire a Professional Windscreen Repair Company

Windscreen repairs are best completed by professionals. They will use high-quality resins and skilled labor to ensure that you pass your MOT testing and have a vehicle that is road safe. London Car Windscreen is able to offer repairs that are flush with the rest of the glass and barely detectable. If you are in need of affordable windscreen repair ahead of your MOT test, give us a call at 0751245 8701 today.