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Side Door Glass Replacement

vehicle side door window glass replacementBy choosing London Car Windscreen, we guarantee a high quality service in car door window glass replacement, car front and rear glass replacement, front and rear quarter glass replacement end with complete satisfaction. Car side door window glass replacement include two main door glass replacement: Rear up and down door glass and front up and down door glass. We can ensure that you are dealing with one of the London’s leading car glass service company. We guarantee delivery of top quality service, with right material, in right place, and right time. We deal with any types of issues regarding car glass replacement. We offer the cheapest price quote for the best quality. 

London Car Windscreen only use car door window glass manufactured to OEM standards, we ensure that the glass we fit is as good as the original piece of glass we are replacing.

Please contact London Car Windscreen. We operate 24-Hours and 7-days. We endeavor to respond to all our requested quotes within thirty minutes of the request.


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Car door glass replacement service

Besides windscreen replacement, we offer service to any car door glass replacement. Any damage to any car door glass requires replacement. This damage can happen by thieves, as car side windows are the weakest glass part of your vehicle. These are the places of easy entry for thieves. On the other hand, any car door window or car door glass is a type of glass that is fabricated in a way that fracture into small pieces.

There is no way to repair car door glass. Even the smallest chip or crack on the car door glass requires a replacement. This means that it is not safe to drive with damaged window glass and it needs replacing.

One of the serious mistakes car owners make, is to patch up extensive cracks on door windows which would turn into a weak screen. The weak screen is not capable of tolerate any impacts. If your car has such patches it is advisable to have a full side window replacement.

London car windscreen provides a quality and guarantee service in any car side window glass replacement with cheapest quote price.

Car door window glass replacement procedure

At London car windscreen our first priority is always using high quality material and parts especially side door glass (manufactured to British safety and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards). We guarantee that our service always leads to long endurance of parts mainly door glass (window) on your vehicle after service. We also have access to the main and top suppliers of any type of car window glass and windscreen in London.

Our technicians are fully trained and experienced to carry out the most complicated car side window replacement for any type of vehicles complying with the latest standards.

The method to replace car side window and door glass is simple and can be done less than hour and can be done via mobile service to any location (home, office, etc) you request.

The car side window (door glass) procedure is explained as a case done by the technicians just as a helpful guide.

1. Clean up: The first priority is the safety of the working environment for our technician and also the driver and the passengers. Any car side window glass is tempered or heat treated, and it is very tough. But when stressed it will passes its breaking point and the glass will fail catastrophically. This will cause the glass turn into small bits. The good news is that this will not cause any harm to the vehicle driver or its passengers, but afterwards the scattered glass bits can cause minor injuries.

Therefore, before our technician start your car side door glass replacement, the seats, doors, dashboard, center console, carpet, and all the interior necessary places all get cleaned by hoover or vacuum cleaner.

2. Disconnecting the battery: First of all the car door window is wound down to its fullest. Then the negative cable on the car’s battery will be disconnected before commencing side window glass replacement. This will prevent any sparks and keep the technician from shorting any electrical circuit system while installing the car side door window glass. It also will hep to prevent any damage to the electrical components of the vehicle. 

3. The window controls and trim cover removal:  By using a removal tool, the window control panel will be separated from the trim cover and the window controls will be disconnected.

4. Door panel removal: In order to access to the window, the door panel need to be removed. The door panel is usually a big unit piece with components such as armrests bolted on and attached to it. There are screws that holds the panel in place. The position of screws depends on the make of your vehicle. The nuts and bolts are usually hidden behind trim.

There also will be parts like door handle (if the winding door window is manual the handle will be removed. If it is automatic electric window, the electric connection for the window will be disconnected), speaker covers, etc, that will need to be removed before door panel removal.

5. Next, the plastic vapor-barrier sheet is removed. After the new door window glass is installed this (plastic sheet) will be re-installed later. Now the door’s inside can be seen. 

6. Glass remnants removal:

The window-height-regulator mechanism will be lowered or raised to its service position. Adjusted to a height where bolts or screws holding the remaining glass to the regulator is aligned with access holes stamped in the steel.

In crank windows type, this is made easy but on power windows, the switches on the loose inner door panel will be plugged in and the ignition will be turned to the “On” position. Then the window will be operated until the bolts get aligned with the access holes. Now, the broken and bits of glass will be vacuumed from the door cavity. 

Then the screws on the regulator will be loosened to free the glass leftovers. 

The window regulator will also need to remove. The regulator is held in place with hex bolts. Once this completed, the glass will be lifted up and away from the window.

7. Finally one of the window tracks will be released which will make the install easier. These tracks guide the panel’s path and are bolted along the bottom of the door.

8. Next, the seal at the bottom of the window will be removed. This is done to open up the slot, the glass panel needs to fit.

9. The new side window glass will be slided through the gap between the door and inside frame and will be clipped into brackets on winder mechanism. The window may just clip into place or there may also be screws or bolts on the mounts to secure it in place.

Then the glass panel will be attached to the regulator and then the window track will be bolted, and

10. The electric connections will be connected and finally the new glass will be tested by running it up and down to ensure that the motion is satisfactory.

Car door window glass replacement safety and quality

Our priority is to bring quality and safety. We are responsible to deliver a high quality side door window glass replacement service to our customers and to meet their requirements. At the end of the job, we ensure that inside of your vehicle, door cavity, and any place that glass bits are scattered, will be cleaned up. Also outside of the vehicle where glass bits are scattered on the street, for the safety of people walking nearby, will be cleaned up.

London car windscreen complete the job with best quality brand parts and glasses to ensure that the new side window glass sticks fast to the car’s body and frame. We offer a lifetime guarantee on the car door window glass replacement service that our technician deliver to you. This means that we are committed to providing you with the best quality and cheap service, with the best car door window glass replacement that money can buy.

Our aim is to ensure that our customers have peace of mind after delivering the complete service. This is done by correct and accurate installation of side window glasses and totally this is crucial to the structural strength of your car, you, and your passengers safety.

In the event of accident, your car side door window units are strong and rigid enough to protect the people inside your car.