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When Should You Replace Your Windscreen?

Posted in Car Glass Tips | Comments Off on When Should You Replace Your Windscreen?

Of all of the glass on your car, the windscreen and the rear window are most important. While the rear window often lasts for the entire life of a vehicle, the front windscreen may need to be repaired or replaced every once in a while. If you are not sure when or if you should replace your damaged windscreen, London Car Windscreen has some suggestions that will help you.  Windscreen Scratches Your windscreen is exposed to road hazards, the elements, and other dangers that can cause damage to its surface over time. Sand, small stones, pebbles, and even other road debris can cause scratches or cracks on the glass. Frost or blunt trauma can further increase these small instances of damage, which can result in the need for a total windscreen replacement. When scratches affect visibility, it can make driving...

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The Top Causes of Windscreen Water Ingress

Posted in Car Glass Tips | Comments Off on The Top Causes of Windscreen Water Ingress

Windscreens are often in need of repair due to constant chips, cracks, or other issues. Here at London Car Windscreen, when we are not providing windscreen replacement services in London, we are often tasked with repairing water ingress. Not sure what that means or if it can be fixed? Keep reading to find out more. What is Water Ingress? Water ingress is a water leak from your car glass that goes inside of your vehicle. During the dry months, it may be hard to notice this type of damage, but when fall rolls around, the rain and low temperatures bring them to light. Our skilled specialist will check a car from every angle to ensure that it looks good and that the seals are intact. If you are not sure what to look for in regards to water ingress,...

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What You Should Know Before Replacing Your Windscreen

Posted in Car Glass Tips | Comments Off on What You Should Know Before Replacing Your Windscreen

Any time there is damage to your windscreen it is important to seek repairs or even replacement as quickly as possible. Although a reliable certified glass shop like London Car Windscreen will handle all of the details, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The Glass Color Windscreen glass colors are what controls the amount of heat that is on the inside of the car. Most glass colors are green, purple, grey, blue, and colorless. Most cars have air conditioning, so the importance of glass color may not occur to the average car owner. It is easy to check what color glass your windscreen has by placing a white piece of paper against the glass to view the color that shows through. According to most road laws, windscreens are not allowed to be crafted from dark...

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3 Tips to Help Prevent Windscreen Damage

Posted in Car Glass Tips | Comments Off on 3 Tips to Help Prevent Windscreen Damage

If you live just outside city, you likely know that a vehicle is essential if you plan to get around with ease. The best way to ensure that you have transportation is by keeping your vehicle in good condition all year round. Basic car maintenance includes keeping your tires in good shape, maintaining fluid levels, such as your oil and gas, and even paying close attention to your car battery. While all of these things are important, they’re not the only things you should keep an eye on. You also need to pay attention to the glass on your car, such as your windscreen. Car glass is made to be tougher than regular glass. Your windscreen supports the structure of your car and helps to protect all passengers inside during an accident. However, despite its durability, your windscreen can...

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How Is Car Glass Made & What Is It Made Of?

Posted in Car Glass Tips | Comments Off on How Is Car Glass Made & What Is It Made Of?

There are a lot of safety features that people look for when purchasing a car, but car glass tends to fall near the bottom of that list. The windscreen, however, is one of the most important safety features on a car. It helps keep the driver and passengers safe from the elements and helps protect them during an accident. Anytime there is damage to car glass, it warrants immediate attention. When you notice a chip or crack on your windscreen, you should give London Car Windscreen a call to evaluate the damage. Windscreen Safety Properties Windscreens and other glass on your car may appear to be the same as the glass you find in your home. However, the glass on your car is much different than residential glass. Safety and durability play a big role in the development of...

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All You Need to Know About Windscreen Coverage

Posted in Car Glass Tips | Comments Off on All You Need to Know About Windscreen Coverage

Your windscreen is an essential part of your vehicle that keeps you safe from the elements. It also helps to keep you safe in the event of an accident, which is one of the main reasons you should take steps to ensure that it is protected. Most people know that your car insurance policy comes with different levels of protection. You can cover your car for higher amounts, include pets in your coverage, or even set up total replacement coverage. London Car Windscreen bets that you didn’t know that you can also add windscreen coverage to your insurance policy as well. What is Windscreen Coverage? Windscreen coverage is an alternative option that can be added to your regular car insurance policy. Most car owners who choose to purchase comprehensive coverage already have windscreen coverage as part of their policy....

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