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Windscreen Cleaning and Care Tips

Windscreen Cleaning and Care Tips

When it comes to caring for your car, few things are as important as your windscreen. Your windscreen is the first line of protection against road hazards and the elements. Therefore, you must properly care for it and keep it clean. London Car Windscreen has some easy to follow tips that will help you keep the glass on your car clean and in pristine condition. 

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning a Windscreen

To get your windscreen as clean as possible, first, start by clearing it of debris. It may seem like a simple step, but it is one that many car owners struggle with. Before you get your windscreen wet, get rid of any dust, twigs, leaves or other items that have settled at the bottom of the glass. Make sure to check under the windscreen wipers and also around the cowl. Gently remove any bug or bird splatter as well.

Clean Your Windscreen in the Shade

The next step is to move to a shaded area to clean your windscreen and other glass. Use microfiber towels or c-fold towels. They are highly absorbent and won’t leave any annoying lint behind. Then, take a high-quality glass cleaning and apply it to the entire surface of your windscreen. There are several on the market, or you can stop at your local automotive store to purchase their most recommended brand. Trust us, the higher quality, the better when it comes to windscreen cleaner.

Troubleshooting Windscreen Care

After cleaning your windshield, it should be crystal clear. If the glass is not clear, and you used both a high-quality cleanser and cloth, chances are you have cleaned the glass improperly. Here are some quick troubleshooting tips to help.


You should never let the glass cleaner sit on the windscreen so long that it dries out. This will cause the solution to become gummy and leave behind streaks. Instead, start by spraying half of your windscreen, buffing it clean, and then moving to the side.

Mind Your Wipers

It is tempting to let your windscreen wipers stay in the upright position while you are cleaning your glass. This is dangerous for your windscreen because that can snap back towards the glass at any time. This can not only break the wipers, it can cause chips or cracks in your windscreen.

Double Clean

If a long length of time has passed between now and your last windscreen cleaning, it is a good idea to go over the surface twice. Make sure you are cleaning the inside of your glass and the outside of your glass for a truly comprehensive clean.

Detailed Windscreen Cleaning

Since you are cleaning your windscreen, it is a good idea to take a pass at the rest of the glass on the outside of your car. Clean your side mirrors and rear windscreen as well. Always use gentle pressure to avoid cracking or breaking the glass. If you notice any damage to the glass on your vehicle, give London Car Windscreen a call at 0751245 8701 to set up an appointment. Our London windscreen replacement technicians look forward to speaking with you!