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Why Is It Important To Use High-Quality Adhesive For Your Windscreen?

Why Is It Important To Use High-Quality Adhesive For Your Windscreen?

Your windscreen is an important part of your vehicle. It helps you and your passengers stay safe on the road and it helps to keep debris, road hazards, and the elements out of your car. Anytime that your windscreen becomes damaged beyond repair it will need to be replaced. Even though there are regulations in place regarding the type of glass used, there are none in place for the glass adhesives. Windscreen and car glass repair companies use their own discretion when choosing which car glass adhesive to use in their shop. London Car Windscreen wants you to understand the importance of using high-quality glass on your windscreen any time it is replaced.

Be Informed

Prior to selecting a windscreen replacement shop, ask them what type of adhesive they use for their replacements. Your chosen glass shop should use a high-quality adhesive made from urethane. If the repair shop is unable to give a satisfactory answer, or if they use a lower end form of adhesive, select a different shop.

Windscreen replacement isn’t cheap and some companies who offer lower rates do so by cutting corners. In some cases instead of using a quality urethane adhesive, they will simply install your windscreen with a sealant. If you happen to get in an accident, a sealant will fail to hold your windscreen in place, which can result in injury or death.

Windscreen Preparation

Any reputable windscreen replacement company will clean away the old adhesives from your previous glass before starting any work. After cleaning the old residue away, a primer will be applied and allowed to set. Then a high-quality adhesive made from urethane will be used to secure your new windscreen to your vehicle. Following installation, the adhesive will need time to cure and set before you can safely drive. Any high-quality adhesive will need time to cure, so if a shop allows you to drive right away, chances are they did not use high-quality adhesive.

Our Quality Adhesive

Here at London Car Windscreen, we use only the best quality urethane adhesive on the market. Our adhesives comply with industry standards and the superior viscosity adhesive forms an unbreakable bond that will hold your windscreen in place. Regardless of temperatures, our installs only need 30 minutes to cure before you are able to get back on the road.

How We Can Help

Maintaining your vehicle and driving safely is in your hands, but proper repair work is left up to us. We care about the safety and security of each of our customers and make a point to only use the best materials available. When it comes to your safety, we never use the second best. All of our adhesives are high quality and out windscreens are OEM grade. If you are interested in finding out more about what we have to offer or get a quote for your windscreen replacement, give London Car Windscreen a call at 0751245 8701 today.