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What You Should Know Before Replacing Your Windscreen

What You Should Know Before Replacing Your Windscreen

Any time there is damage to your windscreen it is important to seek repairs or even replacement as quickly as possible. Although a reliable certified glass shop like London Car Windscreen will handle all of the details, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The Glass Color

Windscreen glass colors are what controls the amount of heat that is on the inside of the car. Most glass colors are green, purple, grey, blue, and colorless. Most cars have air conditioning, so the importance of glass color may not occur to the average car owner.

It is easy to check what color glass your windscreen has by placing a white piece of paper against the glass to view the color that shows through. According to most road laws, windscreens are not allowed to be crafted from dark colors. Front windows must have a light penetrability of at least 70% while car door windows must have at least 75%.

Glass Panes

The most common type of glass pane is the Solar pane. This type of glass has a special oxide covering its surface that helps to reduce the amount of heat that enters the window. This can be helpful for car owners who live in very hot climates or in areas where there is little overhead vegetation. Colors can also vary between green, dark blue, and purple which is most often used for tinting.

Screen Printing

Have you ever noticed a belt of black dots on the window pane? These are called rotary screen printing. These areas can be found along the bottom edge of a windscreen and will usually have a small area left open to display the VIN number. Serigraphs are also very important. They help the glass adhere and stay affixed to the body of the car. Another important function it serves it to help protect the windscreen adhesive from sun damage while also hiding the look of the glue on the glass. Serigraphs are an important aesthetic addition that allows cars to appear streamlined and fresh.

Important Points to Remember

London Car Windscreen has a few more important things you should make note of when replacing your windscreen. Make sure that the glass your repair company is using comes from the original manufacturer. The glass should also fit the requirements of your specific care model. That means if there are sensors in the glass or cameras attached to the ADAS system, they should work properly after calibration. If the green glass is used in your car and the noise is not canceled out, the wrong type of glass was used during the replacement process. The panes of your glass should stick to the car body snugly and properly. This is very important for the safety of the driver and passengers. Glass that contains sensors must also be installed with the proper protection and glues to prevent damage from stray electrical currents.

How We Can Help

London Car Windscreen has been serving the metro area for years. We take pride in our work and are here whenever you need a reliable source for your London windscreen replacement. If you are interested in learning more about our rates or setting up a service, give us a call at 0751 245 8701.