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The Importance of Changing a Damaged Windscreen Immediately

The Importance of Changing a Damaged Windscreen Immediately

Out of all the windows in your car, you spend the most time looking out of the windscreen. Unfortunately, it’s also the most neglected of all the areas in your car until it breaks. Windscreens are made to be highly durable, but they are still susceptible to damage such as cracks and chips.

Weather plays a large part in how your windscreen reacts to trauma. In many areas, sudden temperature drops can destabilize the glass making it easier for your windscreen to crack or shatter. There are also things like hail to consider along with any other loose debris on the road such as pebbles and broken tree branches. All of these things have the potential to damage the windscreen of your car if they are thrown by the tires of a car driving in front of you causing you to need a windscreen replacement.

The Importance of Your Car Windscreen

Windscreens get their strength from how they are crafted. Each front windscreen is made up of two layers of glass held together by a filling of polyvinyl. This construction provides an extra layer of safety in the event of a car accident. Upon impact, instead of being ejected through a simple shattered glass, the double pane construction with the polyvinyl filling provides a sort of cushion that helps reduce the velocity of the impact.

Your windscreen is a very important part of your car, maybe even the most important. It allows you to view the road safely, offers structural support, and provides the first line of defense against various road hazards. If you suffer an accident, it functions as a passenger airbag backstop and ensures that it’s deployed properly. As mentioned above, it also helps to keep your body inside the car by reducing impact velocity and it also helps maintain the roof structure of your vehicle.

Cracks Decrease Your Windscreens Effectiveness

You should never ignore a crack to your windscreen, no matter how small it may be. When you have a crack, the overall integrity of your windows structure is weakened. In addition to that, depending on the location, you may even suffer from lowered visibility while driving. Due to the dangers involved with not having an intact windscreen, it’s important to act on any replacements needed immediately.

In some cases, if the cracks are too long, or if they are on areas that have heating elements such as your defroster, then you will most likely need to replace your whole glass instead of simply repairing it. Windscreens that have suffered this type of damage need the help of a professional windscreen glass company like London Car Windscreen who can correct the problem in a way that is safest for you and your passengers.

How London Car Windscreen Can Help

Driving every day can put tremendous wear on your vehicle. When it comes to driving, vision is everything. You put yourself and everyone else in danger when you can’t see out your window. That is exactly why you should replace that cracked windscreen. London Car Windscreen will help you get back on the road with a brand new windscreen. Sure there’s a small crack now that’s barely noticeable, but give it some time and some extreme temperature changes and that crack will become an issue.

London Car Windscreen can help you see the road ahead. You won’t regret having a new windscreen installed. Start your season off right and take your cracked windscreen to London Car Windscreen for servicing today. Please contact us at 0751 245 8701!