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How Is Car Glass Made & What Is It Made Of?

How Is Car Glass Made & What Is It Made Of?

There are a lot of safety features that people look for when purchasing a car, but car glass tends to fall near the bottom of that list. The windscreen, however, is one of the most important safety features on a car. It helps keep the driver and passengers safe from the elements and helps protect them during an accident. Anytime there is damage to car glass, it warrants immediate attention. When you notice a chip or crack on your windscreen, you should give London Car Windscreen a call to evaluate the damage.

Windscreen Safety Properties

Windscreens and other glass on your car may appear to be the same as the glass you find in your home. However, the glass on your car is much different than residential glass. Safety and durability play a big role in the development of glass for cars. Since it will be exposed to very harsh environments, vibrations, and hazards, manufacturers must take the use of the glass into account when developing windscreens that will be on the road. There are two main forms of glass for the car: laminated and tempered.

Tempered Glass for Your Car

Tempered glass is much stronger and more durable than regular glass. Tempered glass is quickly heated and then cooled which imbibes it with superior strength. In the event of an accident, tempered glass will shatter into small chunks as opposed to sharp shards. This is one of the main reasons it is used in car doors and rear car windows. In addition to shattering safely, tempered glass allows people to escape from inside of the vehicle by breaking the glass with a hard object. If the regular non-tempered glass were to be used in a car, every time you hit a pothole or something stuck the window, chances are the glass would shatter into sharp pieces.

Laminated Glass For Your Windscreen

Windscreens are made out of laminated glass which is much stronger and more durable than tempered glass. Laminated glass is made up of three layers. Two layers of tempered glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) placed between those layers like a sandwich. This not only helps to keep the glass from shattering, but it also gives more structure and safety when foreign objects strike the windscreen. Advances in windscreen technology have increased in recent years making them much stronger and durable than ever before.

Laminated glass is very difficult to shatter which helps to prevent objects from penetrating the glass. In most cases, if something strikes a windscreen hard enough, instead of shattering it will break into a web-like pattern without actually breaking apart. This strength and the design of laminated glass help to keep passengers safe in the event of a vehicle rollover.

How We Can Help

Do you have a damaged windscreen? If you need windscreen replacement in London, we are happy to help. We’re a company that always prioritizes quality and service first, offering mobile car glass services for almost all vehicle makes and models. Give the experts at London Car Windscreen a call at 0751245 8701 to find out more about our affordable rates and services.