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Getting Your Windscreen Ready for Winter

Getting Your Windscreen Ready for Winter

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to get your car ready for the cold. While most people only think about their heaters or their tires, it’s equally important to get your windscreen ready to make sure you don’t face any unwanted problems in the middle of the cold season.

London Car Windscreen has seen just about every weather-related car glass issue that the seasons can create, and we have put together this list of suggestions to help you get your windscreen ready for the winter season.

Replace Your Windscreen

Cold weather has a serious effect on your car glass which can be seen most in areas where there are cracks or chips in the glass. In cold weather, your car glass will freeze while your car isn’t in use, and then thaw again once you get back on the road. This temperature change adds stress to your windscreen that can make existing cracks lengthen over time. Chips in your windscreen can start to spider due to the same temperature fluctuation which will turn a small easy windscreen replacement into a costly problem.

Fill Up On Fluids

Keeping your engine lubricated is important, and so is keeping your washer fluid reservoir stocked. While you may not think there is much difference between putting water and putting wiper fluid in the tank, come winter, you will understand the importance of using the proper fluid. Windscreen wiper fluid is made of a different composition than water, so it won’t freeze in cold weather, and it will help keep your car glass clean when you are on the road. Water will freeze in the tank, leaving you in the lurch when you need that extra sprtiz to defog your windscreen in the winter.

Use Seasonal Blades

You should change your wind screen wiper blades each time the seasons change. Cold weather has a corrosive effect on the rubber in the blades, so the ones that are specifically crafted for cold weather will be more likely to last the entire season.

Don’t Use Metal

When cold weather rolls in and covers your car in a layer of ice or snow, it can be tempting to grab the closest thing on hand to get rid of the ice. Avoiding using metal like knives, spatulas or tools to clean your wind screen. Not only could you hurt yourself if your hands slip on the slick surface, but you can also scratch your glass in the process.

No Hot Water

You would think that the quickest way to melt ice is by dowsing it with hot water. While this may be handy in the kitchen, it’s the worst thing you can do to your cars windscreen. The sudden change in temperature has the chance of causing your glass to fracture suddenly or without warning.

How We Can Help

We hope our list of winter preparation tips will help you have a safe driving experience this upcoming cold season. If you need help with your car glass, or if you are in need of windscreen replacement, we are always here to help. Give London Car Windscreen a call at 0751245 8701 for more information.