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Why You Should Change Your Windscreen When Its Chipped or Cracked

Why You Should Change Your Windscreen When Its Chipped or Cracked

According to most car experts, your windscreen is an essential part of your car that accounts for a large percentage of its structural integrity. Your windscreen serves to protect you from outside elements when you are on the road and it also serves as an additional layer of protection in the event of an accident. When your windscreen gets damaged, even if it’s only a minuscule chip or crack, it can present major issues with the overall safety of your vehicle.

Components of a Windscreen

Your windscreen has been specifically designed to remain intact during an accident, similar to the protections offered by car seats and helmets. Your windscreen and its frame are further designed to help your car maintain its structure during an accident that results in a rollover. Windscreens are crafted in three layers, two being safety glass and one being vinyl, that is in the center. When these layers are damaged, the amount of protection they offer is decreased.

Why Isn’t It Safe?

The car glass professionals here at London Car Windscreen are able to repair most small cracks and chips on your windscreen. However, if you have large cracks, webbing or if the vinyl layer has become damaged, it’s time to think about a windscreen replacement. When cracks or chips reach the resin layer of your windscreen, it reduces the amount of overall pressure your car glass can handle. This means that in the event of an accident, your car glass can shatter or won’t offer the right amount of protection needed to prevent serious injury. In addition to reducing your structural integrity, cracks and chips can hamper visibility while you are driving. In many places, aside from being dangerous, allowing your windscreen to host cracks and chips can result in heavy fines.

Replacing Your Windscreen

Your car is an important investment that should always be maintained properly. If your windscreen has suffered any type of damage, it’s important to have the experts here at London Car Windscreen evaluate the damage to determine if repair is an option, or of full replacement will be required. There are a lot of car glass shops out there, but they are not the same. Its important to only choose certified professionals who use OEM parts on your vehicle. In most cases, replacement can be completed in as short as an hour as long as the proper size glass is on hand.

Improper Installation

You may be tempted to save a few bucks by visiting an unknown shop, but remember that windscreens that are not installed properly may not protect you in the event of an accident. A windscreen that is not installed properly may fall out during an accident or the seal may slip during cold or hot weather. In some cases, cut-rate shops may use car glass that is not intended for your windscreen and lacking the essential vinyl layer.

How We Can Help

London Car Windscreen is always here to offer you sound advice, repair, and replacements for your car glass and windscreens. To find out more about our services, give us a call today at 0751 245 8701.