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The Top Causes of Windscreen Water Ingress

The Top Causes of Windscreen Water Ingress

Windscreens are often in need of repair due to constant chips, cracks, or other issues. Here at London Car Windscreen, when we are not providing windscreen replacement services in London, we are often tasked with repairing water ingress. Not sure what that means or if it can be fixed? Keep reading to find out more.

What is Water Ingress?

Water ingress is a water leak from your car glass that goes inside of your vehicle. During the dry months, it may be hard to notice this type of damage, but when fall rolls around, the rain and low temperatures bring them to light. Our skilled specialist will check a car from every angle to ensure that it looks good and that the seals are intact. If you are not sure what to look for in regards to water ingress, we can help.

Main Causes of Water Ingress

Now that you know what water ingress is, we will go over the main causes of this defect.

Blocked sunroof drain

Cars that feature a sunroof are fun to drive, however, they tend to spring leaks more often than their traditional counterparts. The seams and gaskets on a sunroof will wear down over time, which allows water to drip into your car’s interior. Also, the sunroof’s drain may get blocked by dirt, leaves, or other debris. When the drains are blocked, the water has to go somewhere, typically inside of your car.

Roof gasket and seam leaks

The metal panels on a car roof are joined together with rubber gaskets. They can wear out over time, usually well before the metal of your vehicle. When water enters these areas and freezes, it can cause cracks that let water into your car. The seams on your car roof can also become rusted or damaged over time. When this happens, water can enter your car and ruin the interior or damage electronic components. Cracks or bubbles in the paint on the seams of your car indicate that there is a leak in that area. The best way to prevent these types of leaks is to park in a car park or under a shelter during rainy weather.

Windscreen gasket leaks

When you drive, your car vibrates naturally, which can cause general wear and tear on your vehicle. Weather, temperature, and the passage of time also can cause windscreen gaskets to degrade. The windscreen gaskets create a seal between the frame of the car and the windscreen. If there is space or a broken seal, water will leak into your vehicle.

How We Can Help

The last thing you want is to have to carry an umbrella inside your car while you are driving, so it’s important to get leaks checked before they become a larger problem. If you need windscreen replacement in London or help with water ingress, our car glass experts are here to help! London Car Windscreen offers a wide range of affordable services package to meet any and all car glass needs. Contact us at 0751245 8701 today to find out more.