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All You Need to Know About Windscreen Coverage

All You Need to Know About Windscreen Coverage

Your windscreen is an essential part of your vehicle that keeps you safe from the elements. It also helps to keep you safe in the event of an accident, which is one of the main reasons you should take steps to ensure that it is protected. Most people know that your car insurance policy comes with different levels of protection. You can cover your car for higher amounts, include pets in your coverage, or even set up total replacement coverage. London Car Windscreen bets that you didn’t know that you can also add windscreen coverage to your insurance policy as well.

What is Windscreen Coverage?

Windscreen coverage is an alternative option that can be added to your regular car insurance policy. Most car owners who choose to purchase comprehensive coverage already have windscreen coverage as part of their policy. For those who have smaller insurance packages, you can add it as a spare form of coverage. You can also add it to fire and theft third party policies with an additional charge.

When you opt for windscreen coverage, the cost of any repairs or replacement will be covered under the policy. If you happen to encounter damage due to regular road hazards or even due to a car accident, the cost of repair won’t come from your pocket. The great thing about windscreen coverage is that it also covers all of your car glass, not just your front windscreen.

Why Should I Buy Windscreen Coverage?

You may be wondering why you should spend money on windscreen coverage. The short answer is that the advantages greatly outweigh the cost! Plenty of things can damage your car glass such as rocks, weather, and sheer happenstance. Windscreen cracks are more common than you think and even the slightest bit of damage can cause you to fail your car inspection.

Another reason to purchase windscreen coverage is that it helps keep you and your passengers protected. Cracks or chips left without repair can quickly develop into large fractures or webbing that can cause total windscreen failure. Any damage to your windscreen reduces its ability to protect you during an impact. This is why it’s important to repair any damage you see as soon as possible by contact us for our windscreen replacement service.

Cost Involved

The cost of windscreen coverage depends on the provider, but overall the amount is minimal. Just like most forms of coverage, any cost that goes over the coverage amount will have to be paid from your pocket after a claim. In most cases, crack and chip repair is free under most policies.

How London Car Windscreen Can Help

Here at London Car Windscreen, we are always on call and eager to help repair or replace your car glass. We are the top experts in the metro area when it comes to car glass repair, windscreen replacement, and more. We can handle any crack, chip, or windscreen repair that you throw our way. Give us a call at 0800 2425 505 to find out more about our affordable packages or to learn more about our services.