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Windscreen Repair

windscreen chip repair

By choosing our service, your expectation of high quality service in windscreen repair is fulfilled and satisfied. We can ensure that you are dealing with the London’s leading windscreen repair industry. We guarantee delivery of top quality windscreen chip repair service for any car, with right material, in right place, and right time. We deal with any types of problem related to car glass, including:

  • Car windscreen replacement
  • windscreen chip repair
  • Car windscreen chip & crack repair
  • Car rear screen replacement
  • Car side window replacement

With several years of experience we are one of the leading car windscreen repair company in London offering the  cheapest price for the best quality it provides. We operate 24-Hours and 7-days.

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Car windscreen repair procedure

1. Don’t ignore a small windscreen crack caused by a stone or minor impact. This can be a mistake, since small cracks can spread on a car windscreen, especially in very cold weather. This is because manufacturers make toughened auto windscreen glass under intense pressure. The glass has very high density and this causes cracks to spread progressively. In other words, even small car windscreen cracks and chips can be a serious matter

2. Decide between repair and replacement. First our technician inspect your vehicle windscreen damage for stability and to determine either your car windscreen need repair or replacement.

3. Preparation. To prepare the windscreen crack for repair, it first needs to be cleaned and cleared of dirt and moisture and excess glass and then made into a bull’s eye crack, if it’s not already one. This is done to keep individual cracks and prevent it from further widening and spreading. To prevent damage, a cover or protective drape is applied to your vehicle

4. Resin injection: New auto windscreen chip repair method include the revolutionary PRISM (pre-resin injection suspension method) technology and various techniques that involve injecting resins into the cracks with or without vacuum.

After loading the specified amount of resin into the injector, the bridge is positioned so that the injector is directly above the crack. Then the bridge is secured in place and proceeded with operating the injector to force resin into the crack. Alternately the pressure and vacuum controls of the injector is applied to suck out air from the crack and force resin in. After the crack has been completely filled, the bridge will be removed. The resin has the similar optical properties to windscreen glass.

5. Curing: The resin used to repair windscreen, is an anaerobic substance which means that, instead of air, it requires ultraviolet or UV light to dry and harden completely. The chipped area is sealed and the resin is cured by Ultra-Violet Light.

6. Resurfacing and Finishing: After the filler resin has finished curing, a sufficient amount of resurfacing resin will be applied directly to the repaired crack. This will be covered with a cellophane patch (usually supplied with the repair kit) and be cured using a UV lamp or direct sunlight. After the resurfacing resin has finished curing, the excess will be scraped off with a blade to level it out with the rest of your car windscreen. Clean the area afterward with glass cleaner.

7. Once the windscreen chip and crack area is repaired, the damaged area will not disappear completely. There will usually be a small mark in the damaged area and it resembles a small dried rain drop.

8. The windscreen will be restored back to full strength and the chip will no longer be vulnerable to spreading. A windscreen repair usually takes 30 minutes to complete.

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Before calling us, please keep your car windscreen dry as much as you can. Dry is really essential. We don’t want any water trapped in the repair.

But don’t worry if it was not possible, we do it by using a hair dryer if your car windscreen is wet. If the surface is dirty, don’t use any detergents or window cleaner. Lighter fluid or acetone can help dry and clean the surface.

In the next stage, the adhesive patch is burnished to a perfectly clean windscreen and adapter.

windscreen repair

The image below also illustrates the schematic windscreen repair in details. Alternating cycles of vacuum and pressure will push adhesive into the chip, and evacuate air from the bottom of the chip.

Car windscreen chip repair

Windscreen chip repair safety issues

Your vehicle’s windscreen is not just a piece of glass to protect you from wind, rain, and other objects. A clean, clear windscreen is important factor for good vision and also for your safety. A clean bonded windscreen is also part of your car body shell and it helps towards strength and stiffness. Car windscreen repair includes windscreen chip and windscreen crack repair.

Having small chip or crack on your car windscreen can cause serious problems for you and other passengers in the car in terms of safety and cost. These issues include:

  • Depending on size and position of your car windscreen chip or crack, it Can distract or impair your vision while driving, especially if the chip or crack  happens on the driver side of the windscreen
  • Scratches, cracks and chips on the outside of your car windscreen can make dazzle from son worse which causes your eyes feel inconvenience while driving
  • A deep windscreen crack which could worsen very rapidly on a badly surfaced road putting a load of vibration through the car
  • By repairing the windscreen chip or crack, you do not need to replace the windscreen therefore it will cost you less but if you ignore the crack or chip on your car windscreen it will grow to an extent that you might need to replace it completely which will cost you more than cost of repair
  • It would be better to get your car windscreen repaired or replaced as soon as possible before it potentially causes a nasty accident

Causes of windscreen chip and crack

Modern car windscreens are made out of a “sandwich” of specially treated safety glass and plastic that can normally withstand hits from projectiles such as small pebbles thrown up by other vehicles on the road.

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However, when pieces of debris or stone have adequate mass and hit the windscreen fast enough, a windscreen chip and crack may result from the impact. These damages can be round or “bull’s eye” cracks, star-shaped cracks or long cracks. Long cracks may result when the glass is subjected to a sudden change in temperature. The heavy closing of doors and vibrations from regular vehicle operation also contribute to the formation of long cracks on windscreen.

Windscreen chip and crack repair

There was a time when a chip or crack in your windscreen meant certain replacement. That’s no longer the case. Modern technology makes it possible to repair windscreens that would have previously been scrapped. Not only does this save your windscreen, it also saves you money and time.

The car windscreen chip can happen any time. You are driving on the motorway or street, and suddenly a stone thrown into your car windscreen by another vehicle passing you. It hits your windscreen and creates a chip on the screen. The size of the chip will gradually grow and turn into a crack. The best time to avoid windscreen replacement is when the chip happens and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Many types of car windscreen stone-damaged can be successfully repaired. A windscreen repair depends on the size of the chip or crack. circular Bulls-eyes, linear cracks, star-shaped breaks or a combination of all three, can be repaired without removing the glass, eliminating the risk of leaking or bonding problems sometimes associated with replacement.

British Standards & MOT Testing

BS AU 242a: 1998 issued by the British Standards Institute (BSI) has now replaced the controversial BS AU 242: 1991 bringing the new code of practice in line with the requirements of the Department of Transport MOT testing.

Extracts from BS AU 242a: 1998 are reproduced with the permission of BSI under licence number PD\ 1999 0092,  for information only. Car windscreen  Repairers should have their own standard which can be obtained by post from the BSI Customers Services, 389 Chiswick High Road, London W4 4AL.

This will now offer significant advantages to all windscreen chip repair service providers in that for the first time BSI are approving windscreen repairs subject to size and condition, anywhere on the car windscreen including Zone A, the area directly in front of the drivers line of vision.

The main reason for this change is the performance and quality of modern UV windscreen repair resins and the quality of repairs that are now being achieved through manufacturers training and high quality equipment.

Windscreen repair are now permitted, as follows subject to age and condition of the damage and only when equipment that has passed BS AU 251: 1994 is used by repairers trained by the manufacturer of the repair equipment (or their approved training representative).

  • Zone A: Damage within a circle of 10 mm in diameter
  • Zone B: Damage within a circle of 15 mm in diameter
  • Zone C: Damage within a circle of 25 mm in diameter
  • Zone D: Damage within a circle of 40 mm in diameter

In the cases that damages are of up to 40 mm across, the problem can be eliminated by repairing car windscreen, and it also depends on where in the windscreen the chip or crack is situated. If the damage is in driver side and right in front of the driver (this area is known as ‘A Zone’) only damage up to 10 mm can be repaired. This is slightly less than the size of a 5 pence coin.

In addition, on HGV’s and coaches with more than eight seats, cracks up to 150 mm may now officially be repaired provided they do not extend from an edge to an edge of your car windscreen.

MOT Testing Criteria

  • On the car windscreen, in front of the driver (The ‘A-zone’ – a 290 mm wide band centered on the steering column and bounded top and bottom by the wiper swept area) – damage larger than 10 mm across will normally result in a MOT failure
  • Elsewhere on the car windscreen – damage larger than 40 mm across will normally result in MOT failure.

How can you access to London car windscreen repair service?

Your life is hectic and your time is valuable. We understand. It’s no surprise that London Car Windscreen is one of the most preferred car glass, windscreen chip repair and replacement companies in London. Our Customer Service specialists and technicians will make any kind of car windscreen repair scheduling process painless and without hassle. We can accommodate even the most demanding schedules with flexible drive in service to any of your conveniently placed locations with our mobile service that brings our car glass repair technicians right to your doorstep. With London car windscreen, your car glass and windscreen repair will be of the highest quality and convenience.

We provide a 24/7, 365 days a year service, so all you need to do is book an online appointment to get a cheap quote or contact our customer service.

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