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When Should You Replace Your Windscreen?

When Should You Replace Your Windscreen?

Of all of the glass on your car, the windscreen and the rear window are most important. While the rear window often lasts for the entire life of a vehicle, the front windscreen may need to be repaired or replaced every once in a while.

If you are not sure when or if you should replace your damaged windscreen, London Car Windscreen has some suggestions that will help you. 

Windscreen Scratches

Your windscreen is exposed to road hazards, the elements, and other dangers that can cause damage to its surface over time. Sand, small stones, pebbles, and even other road debris can cause scratches or cracks on the glass. Frost or blunt trauma can further increase these small instances of damage, which can result in the need for a total windscreen replacement.

When scratches affect visibility, it can make driving difficult, or in many cases, dangerous. If the area in front of the driver is distorted, an immediate replacement of the windscreen is needed. Scratches can distort the view when light from oncoming traffic strikes the glass. This can result in accidents, or worse.

Windscreen Cracks

When a windscreen is cracked, there is no option other than to replace it. Small scratches can lead to spider web cracks or even cause the windscreen to shatter. Any crack on the glass is a danger to the driver and the passengers. Cracks in a windscreen will also prevent a car from passing inspection. In many cases, cracks can lead to costly fines or a revocation of its road readiness approval sticker.

Windscreen Chips

Chips in a car windscreen should be addressed as soon as possible. Depending on the size and the location of the damage, it may be eligible for an easy repair. Small chips in a windscreen that are not in the driver’s line of sight can easily be repaired with a special resin. If the damage to the windscreen is large, such as a pit that goes all the way through, a replacement will be required. Chips that are directly in the driver’s line of sight also mean that the windscreen needs to be replaced, as opposed to just repaired.

How London Car Windscreen Can Help

There are certain situations in which a total windscreen replacement is essential for the safety of you and your passengers. If your windscreen needs to be repaired, or if you are in need of a full windscreen replacement in London, we can help. Our company offers high-quality windscreen replacements at an affordable price.

You should never compromise on the safety of your vehicle or put others at risk when you are on the road. To find out more about our services, or to get a no-obligation evaluation, give us a call at 0751 245 8701 today.