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Why You Need Great Car Glass For Pickup Trucks

Posted in Car Glass Tips | Comments Off on Why You Need Great Car Glass For Pickup Trucks

If you have a pickup truck then you know just how important proper maintenance can be. Commercial and personal pickup trucks must have windscreens in proper working order for maximum safety. Cracks or chips need to be repaired with a London Windscreen Repair service as soon as possible to avoid hassles with the law and to ensure road safety for everyone on the road.   The Basic On Car Glass Laminated glass is used for windscreens because it is the strongest and offers the most protection. This type of glass is actually two tempered glasses with a layer of special plastic or resin in the middle. The entire set of layers is then treated by heating the glass chemically to make it even stronger. The windscreen is then able to withstand most impacts without shattering. Of course, a serious...

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5 Signs You May Need To Replace Your Windscreen

Posted in Car Glass Tips | Comments Off on 5 Signs You May Need To Replace Your Windscreen

Your windscreen is the first line of defense between you and the road. When you are in your car, it will protect you from nature, debris, road hazards and dust. If you happen to get in a car accident, they will help maintain the frame of your vehicle in the event of a rollover. If it has been damaged, it is important to replace your windscreen as soon as you can. It may be a hassle to dedicate time for repair or replacement, but this small act may end up saving your life. Your windscreen also communicates with your airbag to help protect you and your passengers if there is an accident. Regardless of the cost, the repair should never be overlooked or delayed. But when do you know if your windscreen needs replacement? London Car Windscreen has put...

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How Windscreen Damage Will Cause You to Fail MOT

Posted in Car Glass Tips | Comments Off on How Windscreen Damage Will Cause You to Fail MOT

London Car Windscreen is the premiere repair company for car glass repair in London. We handle everything from tiny chips and scratches to broken seals and complete windscreen replacements. If you are dealing with problems with water ingress or any other car glass concerns, we can help. We are committed to ensuring our metro area customers are safe in their cars and on the road. We have put together a simple guide on why windscreen damage affects your ability to pass your MOT. What Damage to Your Windscreen Will Result in MOT Failure? Windscreens go through a lot on a daily basis. They have to deal with good and bad weather, dirt, high winds, and even road debris striking the surface. All of this abuse can eventually lead to damage. Of course, any damage on your windscreen should be...

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Windscreen Cleaning and Care Tips

Posted in Car Glass Tips | Comments Off on Windscreen Cleaning and Care Tips

When it comes to caring for your car, few things are as important as your windscreen. Your windscreen is the first line of protection against road hazards and the elements. Therefore, you must properly care for it and keep it clean. London Car Windscreen has some easy to follow tips that will help you keep the glass on your car clean and in pristine condition.  Tips and Tricks for Cleaning a Windscreen To get your windscreen as clean as possible, first, start by clearing it of debris. It may seem like a simple step, but it is one that many car owners struggle with. Before you get your windscreen wet, get rid of any dust, twigs, leaves or other items that have settled at the bottom of the glass. Make sure to check under the windscreen wipers and also around...

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Sticker Removal Tips For Your Windscreen

Posted in Car Glass Tips | Comments Off on Sticker Removal Tips For Your Windscreen

Have you ever tried to remove a sticker from your windscreen only to find out that it is much harder than you thought it would be? Stickers developed to be used on the outside of your car are affixed with strong adhesives. They are formulated to last. If you are interested in learning how to remove these stubborn car glass stickers, London Car Windscreen tips can help.  Windscreen Sticker Removal Guide To get started, all you will need is some liquid fabric softener, a bucket of warm water, paper towels, glass cleaner, rubbing alcohol, a plastic scraper, and a bit of dish soap. Follow the steps below for a clean windscreen with no scratches! Step 1 – Peel the Sticker Starting at the corner of the sticker, gently pull diagonally. This helps the sticker to remain in one piece as...

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